Timeshare realty involves the listing of timeshare properties for rent or sale. Robert Sussman led Vacation Tree LLC has been instrumental in the successful sale of thousands of real estate timeshare properties and has an amazing rate of success with glorifying testimonials.

Timeshare realty specialists have listed the properties on behalf of their customers. They provide an assured buyer guarantee with a fair price policy.

Robert Sussman’s policies have guided the companies to achieve the following goals

  • To list timeshare properties on multiple forums for a small fee.
  • Ensuring maximum reach by creative listing
  • Reaching potential buyers through the listings
  • Assigning a fair price by careful analysis
  • Assuring a buyback guarantee with a price determined based on current market rate.
  • Offering to buy the timeshare property if it remains unsold during the period of listing.

This transparent policy has attracted many potential timeshare customers who have listed their hard to sell timeshare properties and successfully sold them.

Robert Sussman believes in giving good offers based on existing market trends, and the great reach of telemarketing to get the message to many people.

Maligning reports against Vacation Tree have surfaced, claiming about fraudulent activities and have been found to be fabricated by disgruntled former employees who have taken to online forums to generate fake reviews and unverified claims that are targeted at bringing down the positive reviews of both the individual Robert Sussman and the vacation home service companies under his guidance.

Seeking the help of a timeshare realty consultant will ensure a successful sale of timeshare properties by giving it a reach amidst many thousands of properties that are constantly up for sale in the ever fluctuating real estate market. Once can make Timeshare renting or selling much easier by approaching the right people.