Things you need to know about Robert Sussman Timeshare Fraud

Robert Sussman Timeshare Fraud – is it a scam or just some fake news to tarnish the reputation of this corporate firm? Let’s see the truth behind it.

Who is Robert Sussman?

Robert Sussman is a 60 years old and hails from Nevada, Las Vegas. He leads the corporate organization, Vacation Tree LLC. The firm deals with the sale and rental of timeshares and vacation homes. The company was registered 10 years ago, with the California Secretary of States, California. The company posts advertisements related to properties and timeshares in various leading forums. They take a nominal price for their service. This fee is calculated based on each deed.

Robert Sussman Las Vegas, NV conducts transparent deals and offers a guarantee for a fair price. They take a nominal fee to list the timeshare property of a customer. After a certain time period, if the property is not sold, they offer to buy that property. The fair price depends on two dominant factors- the current market rate, and the worth of the vacation home or timeshare property.

Business Ventures

He started his business from scratch and currently holds the next business ventures:

  • Discount Town
  • Las Vegas Events and Shows
  • Vacation Tree

Timeshare Scam

Robert Sussman Timeshare Fraud is nothing more than a rumor. It is fake, baseless news. People who are spreading this rumor intend to tarnish the reputation of Mr. Robert Sussman. He is not involved in any Telemarketing fraud. He is a very diligent and hard-working American. His success and achievements are a result of his dedication and will-power. His way of conducting his business activities is quite transparent. There is no scope of any fraud.

Way of Work

Robert Sussman’s business venture, Vacation Tree, has a clear-cut process of the workflow. He owns call centers in Las Vegas. His talented customer care team finds new customers. The professional and highly trained team offers ‘packages’ to potential clients. The customer chooses his desired package. After this, the package is sent to the corresponding customer. After the customer signs and returns the package, his/ her ads get listed. Vacation Tree follows a simple, straightforward and unambiguous process for listing ads. There is no scope for any scam or fraud.

They charge a small fee for their works. If their listing gets a suitable buyer, they go with the proceedings. They buy your property at “Fair Market Price” if they are unable to sell it within a specified period.

Why spread these lies?

All the rumors related to Robert Sussman Timeshare Fraud are spread to tarnish the reputation of Mr. Sussman. People who are jealous of his success including his business competitors spread the baseless news. Many customers have reaped benefits from his company. These clients give credence to his company for their fair and commendable service.


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